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Advanced Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells are the undifferentiated basic building blocks of life that are able to regenerate or differentiate into various tissues. When injected into a patient’s body, stem cell tissues can activate, repair, or replace damaged or  degenerating tissue by communicating with the surrounding cells.

We only carry umbilical cord tissue that has gone through third-party testing that shows viable mesenchymal stem cells.


Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Our bodies use stem cells to repair themselves but, our own stem cells can be inhibited by injury, disease, or the aging process. Regenerative cell-based therapies provide potential  treatment for the cellular breakdown caused by inflammation and tissue breakdown resulting in pain syndromes, as well as certain systemic conditions, and overall disease and dysfunction. Tucson Wellness MD only uses the best Corcyte for stem cell therapy.

BPC (Body Protecting Compund)-157

BPC-157 oral troche has shown to be one of the heaviest researched products to help support cellular recovery of injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tendon-to-bone injuries. This peptide has also been shown to help variety of organ and intestinal problems as well as reduce stomach ulcers without carrying all the negative side effects as the competitive prescriptions.

BPC-157 may:

• Increase blood flow to wounds
• Decrease Inflammation in the gut (IBS, Crohn’s disease, leaky gut)
• Promote tendon and ligament healing
• Increase flexibility
• Reduce chronic pain
• Speed up healing process for wounds
• Repair the damage from inflammatory bowel disease

TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4)

TB-500 also known as Thymosin Beta 4, is a synthetic peptide that has been shown to be directly linked to impressive recovery times for muscles and more. It has shown to play a vital role building new blood vessels, new muscle tissue fibers, new cell migration, and helps with new blood cell reproduction. This products ability for upregulation of actin allows TB500 to promote healing, cell growth, cell migration, and cell proliferation.

TB-500 may:


15 Minute Procedure

Stem cell therapy is administered safely and quickly in a simple, out patient procedure.

reduce chronic pain

Reduce back, knee, hip, neck and joint pain, as well as symptoms from osteoarthritis, and neuropathy.

Targeted tissue repair

Improve the signs and symptoms of disease, injury, and other medical concerns with targeted tissue delivery.

What is PRP Treatment In Stem Cell Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a liquid made from your blood. PRP treats injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. We give PRP to you in a shot, or injection.

What happens during PRP treatment?

The treatment takes about a half hour (30 minutes):

1. We will draw a little of your blood.
2. While you wait, we spin down the blood until it separates into its different parts. Then we collect the PRP from your blood into a shot (syringe).
3. We use ultrasound to guide us to the right spot on your body.
4. We inject the PRP into your injury. The shot takes about 1 minute, and you may feel more than 1 needle stick.
You can have a PRP shot as often as you need it. Repeat treatments will depend on how well PRP works for you.


What does PRP do?

Studies have shown that PRP may accelerate healing.


Does PRP cause any side effects?

PRP is not a drug, and doctors see it as safe. Here are some side effects to watch out for:
• Pain-Some people have soreness in the spot where we inject the PRP.
• Infection-There’s always the risk of infection with any treatment that breaks the skin.
• Allergic reaction-In a few patients, the body rejects its own PRP. This is very rare.
• Bruising- Sometimes the skin around a PRP shot looks bruised.


How much does PRP treatment cost?

The charge for PRP shots at Tucson Wellness MD is  $499.99 per treatment. Every plan is different, but many insurance plans don’t cover PRP. Contact your insurance plan to find out more.


What can PRP treat?

A lot of research has been done on treating certain problems with PRP. So these are the ones we use it for most often:
•    Tendon injuries that are long-term (chronic).
•    Arthritis that affects bones and cartilage in the joints (osteoarthritis).
Sometimes we use PRP:
•    To treat short-term (acute) muscle and tendon injuries.


What is PRP, and how do you make it?

Blood has both liquid and solid parts. The liquid is called “plasma.” The solids are red and white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are known for their role in clotting blood. They also have proteins called “growth factors” that help to heal injuries.
A PRP shot contains plasma with platelets and growth factors. We have taken out the red and white blood cells.

Is PRP treatment new?

PRP was first used in 1987. In the late 1990s oral surgeons in other countries began using PRP. Then doctors started using PRP to treat racehorses. The first human study in America was done in 2006. PRP has become popular with bone doctors (orthopedists) because it may heal many muscle and bone problems.

5 FAQ about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Stem Cell Therapy

1. What is PRP?

PRP [Platelet Rich Plasma] is a source of autologous concentrated preparation of platelets.

It is one of the most advanced and effective natural treatments for cellular rejuvenation

through out the body


2. How does PRP work?

PRP is extremely powerful because they contain several growth factors that responds to

tissue injury and stimulates stem cells to promote angiogenesis and neocollagenesis.


3. Is PRP safe?

PRP therapy uses platelets harvested from the patients own blood

ensuring no risks of disease transmission, allergic reaction or



4. Is PRP procedure convenient ?

PRP procedure is simple and safe. Blood is drawn and centrifuged to separate platelets,

then injected or applied topically to designated parts of the body.

Procedure is office base, lasting 30-60 minutes, with very little discomfort

and no down time.


5. How long do results lasts?

PRP “stand alone” should be done every 4-6 weeks and recommend 3-4 treatments

Experts state result may last 12-16 months.

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We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. Nor will we send you unsolicited email.
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