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Functional Medicine to REMOVE inflammation, toxins, infections & pain.


Longevity programs to REPLENISH Hormones, Nutrition & Beauty.


Optimize cellular communication to RESTORE function between the body and the mind.  


Wellness reenvisioned, reimagined and personally formulated to invigorate your Health.

Longevity Care in Tucson, AZ

Western medicine and its doctors are the finest in the world for dealing with acute care such as the diagnosis and care of trauma or short-duration illnesses in need of urgent care. For example, a traumatic car accident, heart attack, or a broken bone. For such severe situations, you want the best care medicine can offer!

But to stave off chronic problems or diseases, control or even reverse disease states, to optimize ones health, and to train people in the art and science of wellness and self-healing, longevity care is better suited for improving quality of life as well as longevity.

What is Longevity Care?

Longevity care is individualized medicine in its modern form. It deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of chronic disease rather than simply removing or masking symptoms once they arise. Longevity care emphasizes true healing, care of the person rather than a disease, and a partnership of shared responsibility between doctor and patient, with the patient being the hero in their own journey to regain health. It also embraces the most current science in diagnosing early imbalances that eventually lead to chronic illness.


Longevity care uses botanicals and other forms of nutritional supplementation rather than pharmaceutical agents that create high levels of stress and damage. Under the influence of longevity care, “old age” is not what it used to be, anti-aging is now a science, and optimized living is the “new normal” for people of every age. In light of the above points, one should view longevity care as a complement to traditional medicine and not an alternative. Systems of health protection should work together where possible. One approach cannot serve all of “heaven and earth.”

The 5 P’s of longevity care





Purpose Driven

Root Causes of Healing

Healing a medical issue by addressing the root cause is often the most sensible approach when considering holistic health. Rather than only caring for the symptoms of illness or injury, healing at the root cause ensures that the issue is being properly remedied. By running applicable tests, the Tucson Wellness team can better determine which health issues are causing a patient’s symptoms and which issues can be ruled out. Every test performed is aimed at painting a clearer picture of the patient’s health and reaching the correct root cause. When the root cause is determined, proper care plans can be developed.

Educating our patients and ensuring that they understand their current health, the underlying cause of their illness, and the functions of the care plan can help make care more effective. Empowering and informing patients encourages them to take charge of their health and maintain their holistic well-being.


This is the first phase, which we call “Test Don’t Guess.” It’s all about digging deeper than anyone before us so that we have a true understanding of the current state of your health. With a clear understanding we can then create a clear path forward.


This would be the mystical process, except it’s a lot of science, a lot of clinical experience all tailored to fit your specific nutrition and bio-chemical needs. We have a very basic rule here, “Remove what is NOT supposed to be there and replace it with what IS.”


This is the “Eureka” moment where you start to understand how you got to where you are and what has to be done to not only restore your health but maintain it. With the right mentoring and guidance we will help you discover your health independence.

Triggers of Inflammation

Identifying the triggers that cause inflammation is important when it comes to developing effective therapies in longevity care. When the root cause of a patient’s inflammation is identified, the resulting medical conditions are much easier to manage. This also helps practitioners avoid getting into time-consuming cycles of trial and error and in turn ensures that patients can begin healing as quickly and effectively as possible, with care that follows the unique needs of the individual.

Food & Nutrients

  • Intolerances
  • Sensitivities
  • Allergies
  • Deficiency
  • Excess


  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold / Fungus
  • Parasites


  • Acute
  • Chronic
  • Episodic
  • Physical
  • Emotional


  • Low
  • Excess
  • Resistance
  • Delivery
  • Feedback


  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Physical
  • Radiation

Who Qualifies For This Type of Proactive Approach?

Here’s the catch. People must qualify themselves to follow the prevention approaches of longevity care and optimized living. Although a prevention or wellness lifestyle is highly rewarding, it is not for the timid. Such a lifestyle requires us to understand how The Five Triggers of Inflammation mislead us and reduce our collective wellness. The Five Triggers of Inflammation are: Foods, Microbes, Stress, Hormones and Toxins. The problem is that most people have fallen victim to the harmful mental pattern of hoping rather than (pro)acting. They hope they will somehow fare better than others whom they know are suffering degraded lifestyles. Hope, however, doesn’t have a good track record for preventing chronic disease. But hey, hope is easy!

So, what are some of the harmful thought patterns you may inadvertently hold? Here are a few examples. Do any fit you?

You’ll pop a pill as a quick fix for almost anything to improve your short-term quality of life.

You think your doctor’s job is to take charge of your health and “fix” you when symptoms arise.

Your physical activity has decreased with each passing year because you think you’re supposed to slow down as your calendar age rises.

You want your body to act and recover as it did in your teens and 20s. Hint: It can’t and won’t without ongoing lifestyle adjustments.

Please consider this: Most cancers incubate 10 years or more before they are finally detectible. An even longer incubation period applies to the metabolic abnormalities that lead to diabetes. What environmental stresses and biological imbalances occur during those incubation years to serve as such fertile ground for cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity and other conditions? It’s the job of longevity care to answer such questions and provide tailored rebalancing programs for individuals before they find themselves needing drugs, surgery, or other medical interventions.


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