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Stem Cell Therapy affects diseases such as Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Parkinson's and more. Tucson Wellness MD

At Tucson Wellness, our approach to wellness, longevity, and healing is evolutionary.

We are dedicated professionals that are passionate about one thing: helping you LIVE BETTER.

"Living tired, in pain, frustrated and depleted is not normal, and it certainly isn’t healthy." - Rob Tatum


Dr. Michael Probstfeld is certified by The American Board of Surgery. He is governor of the Arizona Chapter of the American College of Surgeons and served as Chief of Staff at Tucson Medical Center from 2012-2014. His other active memberships include the American Medical Association, Tucson Surgical Society, the American Society of General Surgeons, the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, the Arizona Medical Association and the Pima County Medical Society.

Andria Pizzato

Andria Pizzato DNP is a doctorally trained nurse practitioner who has extensive training in integrative and functional medicine as well as regenerative therapies and techniques. She completed an integrative fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil and currently is in fellowship for Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. She belongs to The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians and has been utilizing stem cell therapy to treat a variety of conditions over the past few years. Her passion is to help people achieve their best lives through cutting edge therapies to achieve maximum health and balance.

DNP Pizzato also specializes in Peptide and NAD therapies.

Want to learn more about Peptide longevity treatmeants?

Rob Tatum

Rob Tatum’s multi-level education consist of Business, Chemistry and Evolutionary Biology. He is an Arizona Trustee and served over 14 years as a Peace Officer.  His post-graduate work and travels focused on applying evolutionary, medical, holistic and innovative treatments to real world individuals that have real world busy lives. Live Better, Not Average is his passion and desire. He created Tucson Wellness to provide Tucsonans the best knowledge, wisdom and products to live their best lives. Rob’s goal is simple: every client should live a pain-free life, enriched with energy, vitality, stamina and sense of well-being.

Our Team:

Our team at Tucson Wellness is highly skilled, professional and caring. We have over 100 years of medical experience and are truly dedicated to your health and wellness.Our diverse team merges functional, holistic and modern medical techniques to provide the best care. We are constantly evolving as health and wellness experts and would love to meet you and discover your needs so we can help you Live Better.

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