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Stem Cell Therapy affects diseases such as Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Parkinson's and more. Tucson Wellness MD

At Tucson Wellness, we provide targeted treatment that enables your body to heal itself.

Regenerative can provide relief from chronic pain and may also be used in lieu of surgery so you can live your best life.

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Reduce Chronic Pain

Reduce back, knee, hip, neck and joint pain, as well as symptoms from osteoarthritis, and neuropathy.

Targeted Tissue Repair

Improve the signs and symptoms of injury, disease, and other medical concerns with targeted tissue delivery.

Continue Healing

Through individual consultation and products designed to support your body on the journey to recovery.

Reduce Chronic Pain:

We offer two treatments to help you reduce chronic pain from injury or aging and avoid surgery:  Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and Amniotic Fluid Therapy

If you have been told you need surgery, contact us for a free consultation. At Tucson Wellness, we use a comprehensive recovery program unique to us. We combine PRP Treatment with Body Protecting Compound (BPC 157) to create an optimal environment for healing. This can be (and often is) used in lieu of surgery. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment uses the platelets in your own blood to isolate growth factors. Studies have shown that by injecting your body’s own growth factor-rich plasma into your injured tissue, you can experience pain relief and improved function from osteoporosis, ligament and muscle injuries, and chronic tendon injuries.

While both can aid the body’s recovery process from similar injuries, PRP is generally more suited for minor injuries.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP):

Tucson Wellness MD, Help you recover from long work days, long nights and exhausting activity

Uses the best properties of your own blood to heal​

Tucson Wellness MD, Help you recover from long work days, long nights and exhausting activity
Best for minor joint pain and minor injuries 
such as muscular pain, tendon injuries, arthritis

Targeted Tissue Repair:

 Targeted injections allow us to hone in on your problem area (and only that area) in order to ensure fast and effective pain relief. We use targeted treatment with PRP to ensure optimal results.

Continue Healing:

We want to help keep you pain-free once you have completed your therapy so we offer a variety of products that will help support your whole body through the recovery process. Our team will consult you and help you determine the best diet and exercise regimen to maintain your pain-free life so you can live longer, live stronger and live better.


Amniotic Fluid Therapy in Tucson

As doctors and scientists are increasingly becoming aware of the healing and restorative properties of stem cells, they are finding new sources of healing tissues within the body that were previously discarded as waste. One increasingly useful source is the umbilical cord tissue. Doctors have discovered that the umbilical and amniotic tissues contain many critical restorative factors. At Tucson Wellness MD we offer restorative therapies to help heal your body naturally,  return it to optimal health and restore
hair loss. 

What are the Benefits of Amniotic Fluid?

Amniotic fluid contains various types of bioactive compounds. This fluid is loaded with strong signaling molecules called cytokines, growth factors, and exosomes, which act like natural anti-inflammatory modulators that decrease pain, lower inflammation,
restore and prevent hair loss. 

Tucson Wellness MD only sells Pharmaceutical Grade products to help you reach your goals.  Our products meet actual pharmaceutical standards, which mean they are 99% pure with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances. Store and Internet-bought supplements are unregulated and often diluted. We give your body the best, so your body will give it’s best.  

Tucson Wellness has partnered with the University of Utah Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine program (CellReGen). Check them out here  

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